Hi everyone,

my name is Anna-Maria Dworaczyk. Currently, I am studying Theatre Costume Design in my fifth semester at the `Toneelacademie Maastricht`, NL. I’m going to follow the course ‘BA (Hons) Theatre and Screen – Costume Design’ at the Wimbledon College of Art, as an Erasmus student.

I am looking forward to the experience of new surroundings. The studies and projects at ‘Wimbledon College of Art’ provide me with a great opportunity to discover British Theatre culture. I am very excited to profit from the large number of Theatres and Museums the city has to offer.

I am glad to have an occasion to work on divers and challenging assignments. I am especially interested in the aspects of experimenting through both studio and performance based projects at the Costume Design Department at the Wimbledon College of Art.

Here you can read about my learning progress and my experiences in Wimbledon.

Can`t wait to start!

2 thoughts on “THE BEGINNIG

  1. Was wondering if you could tell me more about the Vivienne Westwood layered skirt, corset plus belt and yellow top + chains worn by the girl with the red tassle earrings in the Vivienne Westwood collection you posted. Does this outfit have a name? My son was thinking of writing about it for his Art exam next week (he is needing an extra item to write about). Cannot find this image anywhere else on the web. Thank you Gillian White

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