The Photographers Gallery

You can see some interesting work with photography in all it’s forms at The Photographers Gallery.

One of the work I liked is from Laura Letinsky.

This exhibition focuses on Letinsky’s new series, Ill Form and Void Full (2010-11). The series title Ill Form and Void Full continues Letinsky’s interest in playing with representations of space and time, but departs from the narrative potential of the still life. It focuses on the relation between positive and negative space, and a more muted depiction of a subject where two and three-dimensional forms from different sources co-exist uneasily.



Perspectives on Collage showcases eight approaches to collage. This is another part which you can discover at the gallery.

The work of Anna Parkina is very interesting for me because I also tried to make collages in perspective. Which is a really difficult thing to do.

Anna Parkina works in sculpture, painting, photography and performance. Her collages re-appropriate her own photographs into densely layered compositions while echoing the Russian avant-garde, Seventies punk and the cinematic.



The Photographers’ Gallery

16 – 18 Ramillies Street

 London W1F 7LW


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