DAUGHTERS: Contemporise it? Black hoodie and jeans with Black veiling
Long black skirts black lace veiling, black pashmina? Or long black jersey dress.
Covering just the eyes with the veiling?
Tights, long sleeves, respectful. All daughters dressed the same with same hairstyles.
Get veiling from hat place?

Green Dress- same style in green? Or green pashmina. More relaxed- button undone.
Look into mourning dress

LA PONCIA: Cleaning apron, duster. Ask Cleaners? Black dress, black tights. Hair tied up, cloppy shoes. Cleaning gloves

THE MAN: Lighter hued clothes? Dressed nicely, suit? But not black and white. Smarter but quirky. Stands out enough to notice him, a little miss-matched. Has an identity.
Wheely suitcase with roll matt and clothes within. Pillow? Coat, map. Umbrella or duffel bag?


Armchair- canteen
Bernada’s cane
Metronome (or a clock if unattainable) – amplify sound?
Black Carpet- Lighting
Black electrical tape
5 Monitors
DVD players
Five Plinths- Paint white
Plastic dust sheeting see through/opaque
Duster (Antonia?)
Catholic Icon?
Dying Flowers?
Extension chords.
5 CDs
Laminated Cards


-The Candles
-The Monitors

Lasting effect: Condolence book for them to sign? Paying their respects.

The 5 girls- subtly give audience 5 cards- laminated Virgin Mary, (Virgin Suicides)- turning a blind eye
Girl holds it up against the window
At the end when La Poncia shoos them out she’s got a broom and is sweeping them up

Ellie: Main Guide Sister
Isabelle: La Poncia
Fiona: Youngest sister on balcony
Other Sisters: Liz, Antonia, Ania
Set up: Louise and Kat- Set up room


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