Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Musical Costumes

Costume designer Mark Thompson

Next month, Sam Mendes will premiere his musical version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at London’s West End for the first time.

Charlie03-Vogue-9Apr13-Mark-Thompson_b_592x888 Charlie01-Vogue-9Apr13-Mark-Thompson_b_592x888 Charlie02-Vogue-9Apr13-Mark-Thompson_b_592x888 Charlie07-Vogue-9Apr13-Mark-Thompson_b_592x888 Charlie04-Vogue-9Apr13-Mark-Thompson_b_592x888 Charlie05-Vogue-9Apr13-Mark-Thompson_b_592x888 Charlie06-Vogue-9Apr13-Mark-Thompson_b_592x888 Charlie08-Vogue-9Apr13-Mark-Thompson_b_592x888 Charlie09-Vogue-9Apr13-Mark-Thompson_b_592x888



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