The sorceress of the island Aiaia. She turns Odysseus’s men into sheep, seduces him, and then finally sends them on their way with directions to the Underworld.

Here’s a hint: if you happen to shipwreck on the island of Aeaea, and an intoxicatingly beautiful woman offers you some refreshment, don’t take the bait. The chances are very high that you’ve just run into Circe, the immortal sea witch. She may seem gracious at first, but as soon as she’s done wining and dining her guests, she whips out her magic wand and transforms them into animals. A true pet lover, Circe fills her palace with her formerly human pals, spending most of her days lounging around with her strangely docile lions, panthers, and pigs. Circe is most famous for her appearance in Homer’s Odyssey where she transforms Odysseus’ men into swine. In the end, though, Odysseus gets friendly with Circe (like really friendly), and the sea witch transforms his men back, gives them directions to the Underworld, and sends them on their way. Hey, maybe she’s not so bad after all. Eh…

Basic Information

Name Circe
Nickname Kirke
The Sea Witch
Sex Female
Current city Lives in her palace on the island of Aeaea

Work & Education

Occupation Goddess
Sea Witch
Education Hecate’s School of Witchcraft (a grade-A institution)


Political views Free love!

Family & Friends (& Enemies)

Parents Helios (Dad)
Perse (Mom)
Siblings Aeetes
Children According to some, I had Ardeas, Latinus, and Telegonus with Odysseus.
Friends Hecate (The goddess of magic and one cool chick)
Enemies Scylla (She stole that sexy boy, Glaucus, from me, so I turned her into a sea monster.)
Aeetes (My brother who’s still mad at me for cleansing Medea and Jason after they killed Abysrtus)


Relationship status Big crush on Glaucus
Major fling with Odysseus
Interested in Nothing but hunks (and Severus Snape)


Quotations “I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.”
– Winston Churchill

“I put a spell on you
Because you’re mine”
– from “I Put a Spell on You” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

“Men are pigs.”
– Popular Saying (So, why not make them appear as they really are! :-))

“‘He calls her Circe,’ Mike said. ‘He claims she turns men into pigs.'”
– from The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

“I foresaw your departure,
Your men with my help braving
The crying and pounding sea. You think
A few tears upset me? My friend,
Every sorceress is
A pragmatist at heart; nobody sees essence who can’t
Face limitation. If I wanted only to hold you
I could hold you prisoner.”
– from “Circe’s Power” by Louise Glück

Activities & Interests

Likes Herbal Medicine
Long walks on the beach
Private islands
Severus Snape (Hey, I have a thing for potion masters)
Activities Conjuring
Casting spells
Transforming men into pigs and other selected beasts
Interests Alchemy
Groups Gods and Goddesses
Sea Witch Union
Daughters of the Sun
Severus Snape Fan Club




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