Order of Appearance

1. Audience meet in front of house 2- see man in window
2. La Poncia welcomes them into the house
3. Man barges through them and asks question to La Poncia
4. Walk up the stairs – Go into room, La Ponica locks the door they entered in- see monitors showing each of the five daughters in their spaces, and cane. Ticking- metronome? Silent.
5. La Poncia shoos them out of the fire escape door and closes it behind them- starts dusting the room with the monitors still on
6. Out on the fire exit- immediately in front see man with his suitcase in sculpture yard walking, stopping, then consulting a map from his pocket
7. Turn to the left- first daughter waiting for them facing them as new guide. Takes them down the fire escape stairs. See second daughter straight in front of them looking beyond the barriers (trapped)
8. The first daughter continues around the houses, to the side walkway with the pipe.
9. The Third daughter is sat still on the step beside the pipe (acts as a warning for audience to step over it)
10. Continue around the perimeters of the house towards the back. Above on the balcony where they exited the house the man and his suitcase are trying to get into the room but succeeding.
11. Audience carry on around the back of the houses and see the fourth daughter either in alcove or in back drawing room looking through the window.
12. Carry on around to the front of the house and back up the fire exit.
13. On top of the fire exit- see fifth sister (green elements) on the upper balcony sat with her legs dangling over the edge (free)
14. Then look across and see man in furthest sculpture yard bedding down, sorting out his suitcase. A bit resigned to his fate.
15. Audience is guided to look through the window at the room again. Whilst their attention is focused there, the first daughter leaves. They see the room, but it has changed- the candles are extinguished, the entire room covered in opaque plastic dustsheets, all monitors off apart from the one showing the youngest daughter, which is now showing static and white noise.
16. After they have had time to observe a bit more, La Poncia is at the front of house 2 and calls down at them, chastising them for still being them. Brings them back around the house and shoos them away, signalling the end of the performance.
17. As audience walk back towards the main site, they see the man with the suitcase ahead of them being greeted happily by a woman and leaving through the gates.



DAUGHTERS: Contemporise it? Black hoodie and jeans with Black veiling
Long black skirts black lace veiling, black pashmina? Or long black jersey dress.
Covering just the eyes with the veiling?
Tights, long sleeves, respectful. All daughters dressed the same with same hairstyles.
Get veiling from hat place?

Green Dress- same style in green? Or green pashmina. More relaxed- button undone.
Look into mourning dress

LA PONCIA: Cleaning apron, duster. Ask Cleaners? Black dress, black tights. Hair tied up, cloppy shoes. Cleaning gloves

THE MAN: Lighter hued clothes? Dressed nicely, suit? But not black and white. Smarter but quirky. Stands out enough to notice him, a little miss-matched. Has an identity.
Wheely suitcase with roll matt and clothes within. Pillow? Coat, map. Umbrella or duffel bag?


Armchair- canteen
Bernada’s cane
Metronome (or a clock if unattainable) – amplify sound?
Black Carpet- Lighting
Black electrical tape
5 Monitors
DVD players
Five Plinths- Paint white
Plastic dust sheeting see through/opaque
Duster (Antonia?)
Catholic Icon?
Dying Flowers?
Extension chords.
5 CDs
Laminated Cards


-The Candles
-The Monitors

Lasting effect: Condolence book for them to sign? Paying their respects.

The 5 girls- subtly give audience 5 cards- laminated Virgin Mary, (Virgin Suicides)- turning a blind eye
Girl holds it up against the window
At the end when La Poncia shoos them out she’s got a broom and is sweeping them up

Ellie: Main Guide Sister
Isabelle: La Poncia
Fiona: Youngest sister on balcony
Other Sisters: Liz, Antonia, Ania
Set up: Louise and Kat- Set up room


The main aim of the performance project is DISLOCATION.

We do not have to selected on of the 4 works:

but we are working to the overall theme of dislocation. The 4 plays are a good starting point to get in touch with the subject. So it is important to do some relevant research.

What does dislocation mean?

What happens to people when they are dislocated? migrants, refugees, minorities ( racial, religious, )…

Can there ever be a utopia? Are any pavements paved with gold? Gains = loses

Where is the most current issue of dislocation? Syria?

See Research/Inspiration


The other day we had a guidance around the college area. The possible locations were shown us for our performance. Seven different spaces were selected by Gerry, our lecturer in the project. Every group should select a choice of 3 places. We have got the location fire exit/stair assigned. A very exciting space to work in. We can use a route around the house, a room in the house and the emergency exit/stairs which lead from the room outward.


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Project Details

In this project we are asked to create a performance/installation which will be based on one of these play texts/graphic novels:

Or a combination of any of the plays.

We are working in groups of 7-8 people and the maximum length of performance lasts 5 minutes.

Every group has to select a space from the designated spaces inside and outside and create an environment in accordance with the chosen theme/s. There can be used costumes, objects, movement, text/sound, light and video.